The lord takes you to vaikundam

nAcciyAr tirumozhi XII–maRRu irundIrgaTku
pASuram 12.10(twelfth tirumozhi – pAsuram 10 mannu mathurai )

mannu mathurai toDakkamAga
     vaN tuvarApati tannaLavum
tannait tamaruyttup peyya vENDi
       ttAzh kuzhalAL tuNinda tuNivaip
ponniyal mADam polindu tOnRum
        puduvaiyar kOnviTTucittan godai
inniSaiyAl Sonna Se’ncol mAlai
      Etta vallArkku iDam vaikuntamE

A. From SrImAn SaDagOpan's tamizh treatise

Through this tirumozhi that we enjoyed, and which is set to music and filled with beautiful words with deep meaning, gOdai who is with loosely hanging hair (because she is not tying them or decorating herself), and who is the daughter of periAzhvAr, the leader of those in srIvilliputtUr that has golden terraced palaces, conveys to her relatives her firm resolve that she should be taken to all the divya dESams associated with kaNNan starting from mathurA and ending with dwArakai.  Those who chant these pASurams will live forever in SrIvaikuNTham with emperumAn.

B. Additional thoughts from SrI PVP: 

mannu madurai toDakkamAga vaN tuvarApati tannaLavum: godai asks the elders to take her to the divya deSam-s  starting from His birth place mathurA and ending in dvArakA, where He gave Himself to sixteen thousand dEvi-s.  As far as she is concerned, the world comprises only of divya dEsams that have her kaNNan’s  sambandham.    
mannu mathurai: The term “mannu” is translated approximately as “the place where emperumAn resides permanently – emperumAn nilaittirukkum ” by SrI UV in his vyAkhyAnam for “mAyanai” pASuram of tiruppAvai. SrI kRshNasvAmi aiye’ngAr quotes from SrI PVP’s mUvAyirappaDi vyAkhyAnam for tiruppAvai (5) to bring out the greatness of mathurAi: “bhagavat sambandham mARAda dEsam.  munbu siddhArSramamAi SrIvAmanan neDungAlam tapas paNNi, SatrugnAzhvAn vanniya maRuttup paDai vIDu Seydu, sarvEswaran eppOdum ippaDi avadarittup pOruvadoru dESam” (the mathurA in the north has been a dEsam that has constantly had bhagavat sambandham.  Before emperumAn took trivikrama avatAram, He appeared as SrI vAmanan and did penance in siddhASramam – which happens to be the vaDa mathurai.This mathurai was established by Satrugnan (who was sent by Sri rAma to vanquish lavaNAsuran) after killing the asuran”.  
tannait tamar uyttup peyya vENDi:  godai is too weak to walk by herself; She is asking her elders to physically carry her and take her to all these divyadeSam-s.  This should be kept in mind when we come to “Etta vallArkku iDam vaikuntamE” below.  
tAzh kuzhalAL tuNinda tuNivai:  She is not taking care of her hair and not keeping it combed; hence her hair is all hanging loose – tAzh kuzhal; she is determined to make Him come to her, and all else is irrelevant for her.    
ponniyal mADam polindu tOnRum puduvaiyar kOn viTTucittan godai: The greatness of  SrIvilliputtUr is to be enjoyed here – ANDAL’s birthplace has gold-laced terraces on all its tall buildings, just like in dvArakA (see previous pASuram –Suttu uyar mADa’ngaL Suzhndu tOnRum tuvarApati).    
inniSaiyAl Sonna Se’ncol mAlai:  iniya Sol here refers not only to the sweet music of these pASurams; the more significant aspect is that the pASurams are full of love for bhagavAn. The words come of out of godai’s devotion-laden heart; it is her special garland to Him made out of sweet, melodious, devotional, love-laden words (sol mAlai).  
iDam vaikuntamE: Those who chant these devotional pASuram-s need not plead with anyone to take them to His abode, as ANDAL is doing through these pASuram-s; instead, they will be taken with no effort on their part, to SrIvaikUNtham through the arcirAdi mArgam by His appointed folks and they will enjoy Him and His aDiyArgaL forever after.  
PVP= SrI periyavAccAn piLLai
PBA= SrI prativAdi bhayankaram aNNangarAcAriyAr
UV  = SrI uttamUr vIrarAghavAcAriyAr

Pasuram for acquiring good Knowledge

For acquiring any knowledge we need concentration. If we started to concentrate on acquiring divine knowledge then the academic knowledge is very easy observe and analyse. In ThiruvAimozhi first centum 10th decade’s first pasuram itself Azhwar say i am concentrating on the emperumaan who has grown sky high, then continues that after concentrating on emperumaan and getting him in his heart nothing is impossible for him.
Then in last pasuram which states the phalan we get through these pasurams, azhwar declares those who recites this pasuram with concentration will be blessed with all knowledges.

(Pasurams marked as ## should be recited twice)

##பொருமாநீள்படை யாழிசங்கத்தொடு,
திருமாநீள்கழல் ஏழுலகும்தொழ,
ஒருமாணிக்குற ளாகிநிமிர்ந்த, அக்
கருமாணிக்கமென் கண்ணுளதாகுமே
porumaa_neeLpadai* aazisangkaththodu,*
thirumaa_neeLkazal* Ezulakumthoza,*
orumaaNikkuRaLaaki*_nimirndha,* ak
karumaaNikkam* en kaNNuLathaakumE.             1.10.1

“My Emeprumaan- The Blue hued Dark Emerald, Vaamanan who grew SKY HIGH and whose Feet were paid obeisance by everyone in Seven lOkAs; who has the Great, strong, Famous sanghu (Divine Conch) and chakrA (Divine Discuss); – Such Emperumaan is in MY EYES; (means He has become the object of my eyes)”

கண்ணுள்ளே நிற்கும் காதன்மையால்தொழில்,
எண்ணிலும்வரு மென்னினிவேண்டுவம்?
மண்ணும்நீரு மெரியும் நல்வாயுவும்,
விண்ணுமாய்விரியு மெம்பிரானையே.
kaNNuLLE niRkum* kaathanmaiyaalthozil,*
eNNilumvarum* en inivEnduvam?*
maNNum_ neerum* eriyum_nalvaayuvum,*
viNNumaay viriyum* empiraanaiyE.        1.10.2

“The Earth, Water, Fire, Fresh Air, Space (AagAyam), – Emeprumaan takes the form of these five elements- (If I prostarte to Him with Bhakti, then He will make me see Him standing in front of my eyes; and by thinking of Him in my mind He will stand in front of me; What Else Do I need?”

எம்பிரானையெந்தை தந்தைதந்தைக்கும்
தம்பிரானை, தண்தாமரைக்கண்ணனை,
கொம்பராவு நுண்ணேரிடைமார்வனை,
எம்பிரானைத் தொழாய்மடநெஞ்சமே.
empiraanai* endhai thandhai thandhaikkum-
thampiraanai,* thaNdhaamaraikkaNNanai,*
komparaavu* nuNNEridaimaarvanai,*
empiraanaiththozaay* mada_nenchamE.             1.10.3

“Oh (my) foolish mind! To my bhagawaan- not only mine, (but) also of my father and all ancestors before him; To such Emperumaan- who has the eyes identical to cool, lotus flowers, -who has the beloved piraatti MahA lakshmi,  having the soft, beautiful waist similar to the creeper,- pay obeisance to Him;”

நெஞ்சமேநல்லை நல்லை,உன்னைப்பெற்றால்
என்செய்யோம், இனியென்னகுறைவினம்?
மைந்தனை மலராள்மணவாளனை,
துஞ்சும்போதும் விடாதுதொடர்க்கண்டாய்.
nenchamE_ nallai nallai* unnaippeRRaal-
en_cheyyOm?* iniyennakuRaivinam?*
maindhanai malaraaL* maNavaaLanai,*
thunchumpOthum* vidaathu thodar kandaay.   1.10.4

“Oh (my) mind! You are really beneficial; If I have as my friend, then what can I not do? I can do and finish anything. What other grievance do I have? No grievances absolutely. The Youthful Lord, The Beloved Lord of Maha Lakshmi . even if I separate myself from Him; you continue with Him;”

கண்டாயேநெஞ்சே கருமங்கள்வாய்க்கின்று, ஓர்
எண்டானுமின்றியே வந்தியலுமாறு,
உண்டானையுலகேழு மோர்மூவடி
கொண்டானை, கண்டு கொண்டனைநீயுமே.
kandaayE_ nenchE* karumangaLvaaykkinRu,* Or
eNdaanuminRiyE* vandhiyalumaaRu,*
undaanai* ulakEzum Or moovadi
kondaanai,* kandu kondanai_neeyumE.              1.10.5

“Oh (my) mind! You also have realised the Emperumaan . the One who had swallowed the Seven lOkas; who had measured the three worlds with just three measurements of His small(!) Feet; – Now when thing are materialising (when we are blessed by His mercy), can you see it is happening even without our thinking about it? (dearest sisters and brothers, I guess, Azhwar has already started seeing the Emperumaan, by now and he is excited!)

நீயும்நானுமிந் நேர்நிற்கில், மேல்மற்றோர்,
நோயும்சார்க்கொடான் நெஞ்சமே, சொன்னேன்,
தாயும்தந்தையுமா யிவ்வுலகினில்,
வாயுமீசன் மணிவண்ணனெந்தையே.
neeyum_ naanum* in^ nErn^iRkil,* mElmaRROr,
nOyumsaarkodaan* nenchamE sonnEn,*
thaayumthandhaiyumaay* ivvulakinil,*
vaayum eesan* maNivaNNan endhaiyE.               1.10.6

“Oh (my) mind! If you and I continue to stand (firm) like this and follow without separating ourselves from Emperumaan, then the One who has taken the avatars as the father and mother in this world, the One who is dark blue hued colour, will never let any disease come anyway near us; It is CERTAIN.”

எந்தையேயென்று மெம்பெருமானென்றும்,
சிந்தையுள்வைப்பன் சொல்லுவன்பாவியேன்,
எந்தையெம்பெருமானென்று வானவர்,
சிந்தையுள் வைத்துச் சொல்லும்செல்வ னையே.
endhaiyE enRum* emperumaan enRum,*
chindhaiyuL vaippan* solluvan paaviyEn,*
endhai emperumaan enRu* vaanavar,*
chindhaiyuL vaiththuch* sollum selvanaiyE.         1.10.7

“The Lord- who is thought of as ” My Father! My Emperumaan!” by dEvAs, – To such Lord even I- the Biggest Sinner- will also praise Him as “My Father!” And “My Emperumaan!” with my mouth (talking) and think of Him;”

செல்வநாரண னென்றசொல்கேட்டலும்,
மல்கும்கண்பனி நாடுவன்மாயமே,
அல்லும்நன்பகலு மிடைவீடின்றி,
நல்கியென்னை விடான்நம்பி நம்பியே
selva_ naaraNa nenRa* sol kEttalum,*
malkum kaNpani* naaduvan maayamE,*
allum_ nanpakalum* idaiveedinRi,*
nalki ennai vidaan*_ nampi nampiyE.     1.10.8

“The moment I hear “Sriman NarayaNan”, tears start falling down from my eyes; and I start searching for Him; (Looks like, now Sri Hari has disappeared from AzhwAr’s vision!) This is a wonder! (Because) The One who is full of Grand Good kalyANa GuNAs, during the day and the night as well (at all times) is merciful towards me and believes that I am His servant and is not leaving me.”

## நம்பியைத் தென் குறுங்குடிநின்ற, அச்
செம்பொனேதிக ழும்திருமூர்த்தியை,
உம்பர்வானவ ராதியஞ்சோதியை,
எம்பிரானையென் சொல்லிமறப்பனோ.
nampiyaith* then kuRungkudi_ninRa,* ach
chemponEthikazum* thirumoorththiyai,*
umpar vaanavar* aathiyanchOthiyai,*
empiraanai* en cholli maRappanO?.       1.10.9

“The One who is full of Grand Good kalyANa GuNAs- The One who stands at Thirukkurungudi, – The One who emanates light rays and shines like the red Gold;- The One who is the Primordial Cause, Chief and the array of Great luster for the great dEvAs;- Such Emeprumaan- How will I forget (means . Due to what reason can I forget?)”

மறப்பும்ஞானமும் நானொன் றுணர்ந்திலன்,
மறக்குமென்று செந்தாமரைக்கண்ணொடு,
மறப்பற என்னுள்ளே மன்னினான் தன்னை,
மறப்பனோவினி யானென்மணியையே?
maRappum njaanamum* naan onRu uNarndhilan,*
maRakkumenRu* chen^thaamaraikkaNNodu,*
maRappaRa ennuLLE* manninaan dhannai,*
maRappanO? ini* yaan en maNiyaiyE.    1.10.10

“Even after realising that I do not know the way of forgetting(like last pAsuram) and then knowing Him, He still thinks that this guy will ultimately forget me and decides to stay with me as my Blue Pearl, my Emperumaan . Of such Emperumaan . will I ever be able to forget Him? (Never)”

##மணியை, வானவர் கண்ணனை, தன்னது ஓர்
அணியை, தென் குருகூர் கடகோபன் சொல்
பணி செய் ஆயிரத்துள் இவை பத்துடன்
தணிவிலர் கற்பரேல், கல்வி வாயுமே.
maNiyai vaanavar kaNNanaith* thannathOr-
aNiyai,* then_kurukoorchchadakOpan,* chol
paNicheyaayiraththuL* ivaipaththudan,*
thaNivilar kaRparEl* kalvivaayumE.          1.10.11

“The One who shines like The Blue Pearl; The Chief of dEvAs; He himself, an ornament for Him;- About Him, SadagOpan, born in Thirukkurugoor, through his words of these ten pAsurams out of 1000 pAsurams offered his kainkaryam to the Lord; If one learns these ten pAsurams with fullest concentration, (and does not get satisfied with his learning), then they will get Great knowledge (jnAnam)”

Thirunedunthandakam -an over view

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