Cleaning of Lord's door step

Namazhwar beautifully claims “Kadai thalai seekka petral kaduvinai kalayalamae” which reads “Your deadly sins will get dissolved if you would resort to Thiruvanantapuram and clean up the door step of the temple where reclines the Lord Supreme on the serpent bed”. As per our acharyas, Kadu vinai not only means the sins (i.e sin on account of wrong doings) but the weariness (klesham) that haunts the soul that has realized its basic nature as “subservient” to Emperuman but is unable to perform the kainkaryams that logically follow such a realization. So the act of cleaning up the sannidhi of Emperuman rejuvenates the enlightened soul that has so far not been endowed with the chance to exhibit its realization to Emperuman.

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