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  1. om namo narayana.

    i want to know what are pasurams that are sung daily in tirupati during jeeyar sevai. i know pallandu pallandu..but there are few others. i was lucky enough to be inside jeeyar seva. but not sure about rest of pasuram. i want to learn them b4 i go next time, perumall willing

    thank you very much

    1. Hi Rajesh

      I am also very very eagar to know the pasurams being sung at Titumala during jeeyar Swamy satrumurai.

      Could you or anyone help me to understand.

      My gmail is srchennai@gmail.com

      Thanks in advance with perumal asirvadham
      R. Narasimhan

  2. I would like to have the audio version of the pasurams sung during the jeeyar sevai at tirumala so that I can sing them during my next visit to the temple. Please help me someone.

    K S Nagarajan e mail: ksn271957@gmail.com cell: 9942125275

  3. The tiruppavai satrumarai starts with 29th followed by 30th pasuram of Thiruppavai. This is followed by 1st pasuram of pallandu. Then Seesailesadhaya pathirm, PB Anna's Vaazhi thiruvai mozhi pillar and Vaazhiyae. All months except Maargazhi follow this & depending on pagal pathu start date - Ubhadesa ratina maalai of Manavala mamuni is chanted

  4. 29th and 30th Thirupavai
    1st slogam of Thirupallandu
    Satrumarai Slogam (Seesailesadhaya ...)
    PB Anna's Vaazhi Thiruvai Mozhi Pillai & Vaazhiye
    (This is routine on all months except Maargazhi, based on Pagal pathu start date - Ubadesa rathina malai (last 3 slogams) of Manavala Mamunigal is recited


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