When swAmi  Manavala mamunigal delivered his  thiruvAimozhi kAlakshEpam,
everyone praised swAmi's nishThais and gradually swAmi's fame was appreciated by sranganathan following which namperumAL accepted swAmi mAmunigaL as his own AchAriyan. 
During bhaghavat vishaya sAtrumurai on the last day of discourse, namperumAL was greatly
impressed by swAmi manavALa mAmunigaL's expositions. Out of immense pleasure and
respect, namperumAL manifested himself in the form of a priestly child called
"ArangaNayakam" and appeared in front of the gathering where he rendered a benedictory verse (thaniyan) honoring swAmi mAmunigaL after which he quickly disappeared into the sanctum sanctorum.

SrishailEsa dhayapaAthram DhibhaktyAdi guNArNavam |
yathIndhrapravaNam vandhE ramyajAmAtharam munim ||
Translation: I offer my respectful obeisances to Sri ManavALamamuni, the receptacle of  
the divya anugraham (grace) of Srisailesa's (tiruvaimozhipillai's), who is the embodiment of 
auspicious guNAs such as knowledge and bhakti and who is greatly devoted to swAmi rAmAnujA.

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