Gajendra moksham in Nachiyar tirumozhi

In the concluding pasuram which aslo conveys the phalasruthi or the benifit of reciting the last ten, sri Andaal conveys the remembrance of the lord as the medicine to all ills of life.
Parun taalikku arul seiyda paraman thannai*
Parinmel vridavanthai kandamai*
Vishnuchittan kodai sol*
Marundam than manathey vaithu kondu vazhvargal*
Perum taludaya piran adi keezh priyathendrum iruppare.
It is the same lord who saved the fat legged elephant Gajendra and on this earth Kodai nachiyar has seen him at Vrindavanam Divyadesam.Her words are medicine for those who keep these pasurams in their mind.These people will never get separated from the great lotus feet of the Lord.

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