The noblest and the most pious jewel of the nalayiram. People who do not know the 30 are said to be burden on the earth. Its greatness can be realised when we come to know Saint Ramanuja was known as the Thiruppavai JEEYAR.
PASURAM: Sirrum siru kaalai vanthu unnai sevaitthu
Un porra mara araiya porrum porul kelai
Perru meindhu unnum kulathil peranthu
Nee Kurravel engalai kollamal pogathu
Irrai parai kolvan andru kaan Govinda
Yerraikum yezh yezh piravikkum unthanoodu
Urravevayom unakkai naam aat cheivom
Marrai nam kamangal marru elorempavai
MEANING:In early hours of the morning (like the SUPRABHATAM SEVA at the tirumala) we have come to offer you worship and offer praise at your lotus feet.Please hear the purpose of our worship.Being born in cowherd clan,you cannot refuse to accept our worship.We have not come for worldly gifts GOVINDA.Throughout our seven lives and forever we wish to be close to you and serve you alone.Pray change our desires if they are not taking us towards you.

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