Thiru allikeni kandane

Lord Parthasarathy at thiruallikeni is worshipped in this pasuram.

Vil peru vizhavum,kanchanum mallum,vezhamum paakanum veezha,settra avan thannai,puram eru ayetha,sivan aru thuyar kalai thevai,parralar veeya koal keyil kondu,parthan than ther mun ninraney,sirravai paniyal mudi thuran thanai thiru allikeni kandane
The bow ceremony,kamsan and his wrestlers,the elephant and his mahout were all killed by the lord.He also cured Lord Siva of his curses.When the Lord stood as the Charioteer with a stick in his hand ,the enemies of Arjuna perished in the battle.The same lord who at the behest of step mother got rid of his kingdom.The same lord I saw at THIRUALLIKENI.
Here is the audio of this pasuram

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